Trumps 2016 win against all predictions – A critical business lesson

As we all know, yesterday we all faced reality Donald J. Trump won the 2016 presidential election against all predictions, polls and pollsters, while just a few hours before all the polls were predicting a solid win path for Hilary Clinton the Democratic nominee, Trumps 2016 win was a real surprise.

Just 2 days ago everyone thought that the Democratic party is still the party in charge and they will remain in the white house for many more years while the Republicans will stay left behind, with no major power in the white house and they will have to wait again for their chance which no one knew when that will take place.

While all the analyzers, talk hosts, politicians, you name it are busy figuring out how Donald J Trump did it I’ll try to take the most out of it as a critical business lesson.

We all try to do business we all try to have the momentum sometimes it happens and a lot of times it seems like it never happens…

Whether you’ve just applied for a job or tried to do a sale, you advertised and it brought no results.

You worked hard you thought you will get the deal that guy is ready to pay, the buyer likes my product, the add looks attractive, and somehow it just didn’t work out in the end. for some good reason – or for no good reason.

It looks like the momentum is with the other party

Then you know that the momentum is with you.

Trumps 2016 win was not predicted, I don’t think anyone except Trump thought he will end up the winner, it didn’t sound like it everything went wrong, negative polls – but there was positive minds.

As long as you stay strong with your goals, you don’t have to pay attention to whatever happens around you.

You missed this deal? nothing to worry about, you will get a much better deal tomorrow!

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  1. Amazing amazing Dear owner of Icon Studios, thanks for your warm and uplifting words. You’re the best!!

    1. Thank You for the comment Motty, Glad you got inspired!

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