Why Do I (I mean YOU) Need A Website??

Why do i need a website?

People often ask themselves, why do I need a website? What’s so wrong without one? and what’s wrong with a website that’s not so up-to-date?

So I got you the answer – and here it is:

Lets start with statistics – According to the SBA (Small Business Administration) small businesses that have websites are averaging $1.07 million more per year in sales than small businesses that are not online – that’s a whooping 40% bigger bite then those who don’t have websites.

That’s while the whole internet community is increasing daily – if not every second, the online community in 2016 is now 3,424,971,237 and is increasing every second according to internetlivestats.com.

Another statistic at the SBA shows that 50 percent of online sales are from new customers.

These little bites are in fact just enough to make the right decision – but –

let me explain it to you in a bit more detail.

A  website for a business is much more then just a little page, having a nicely designed website might be a big set of tools that you and every business owner needs.

A nicely designed website is your point of influence to the business world – or to your potential customer, it’s your online brochure that he/she would see before deciding whom to choose, it gives you instant credibility.

If you do it the right way, it’s where you are at lead, brainwashing the guy at the other side – to do what you want him to do, to buy what you want him to buy, and to be your customer.

If this isn’t enough, let’s get it down to the other major benefits of having a website.

Your website is your loyal employee, who works for your business 24/7 all year round, while you are asleep or  on your lunch break (or vacation…), he never gets tired or something like it, he has patients for all of your customers – at once, he communicates with them, sometimes even talks to them, and shows them little videos why they should use your service instead of your competition.

As we speak – every business has competition, and when someone searches for your product, service, or whatever it is, – if you don’t have it online your competitor has it , and even if you are online, but your website isn’t as appealing as you competitors – you might (would)  lose a lot of potential and/or even existing customers to your competitor.

Websites are not bound to your local market, its all over the place – all around the globe, you would love to be able to tell your customers the famous phrase “Just google it”… it’s your marketing platform, it’s where you can deploy press releases, plus plus +++…

So, does it pay to just miss the opportunity and stay without one?

Or does it pay to keep up a old fashioned site that only gives a bad image on your business?

Absolutely NOT! 🙂

Now do the right move and come on in, get to know the cyber world and let’s start building you website – from scratch 🙂

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